I was coming home from getting my licence and registration renewed for the truck when I stopped at a stop light and as gob-smacked. Sitting in front of me was a Skoda Roomster. Not something you see in Canada and I had to snap a crappy picture of it.

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See crappy image, I warned you ahead of time.

It was heading the same way as I was and when I stopped at the next light I had to talk to them. The car is a 2009 model and it was left hand drive. The couple who owned it are German military doing a stint at the local Air Force base. The Canadian government allowed them to import the car and when they leave they have to take it with them.


I have to say that it made my day to see it even though it is a pedestrian car. It is just unusual car to see roaming the streets of Canada.

I kinda wanted to make them an offer on it to be honest. I think that it looked like an honest little car.

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