No updates about the car really things at work have bogged me down a bit too much to work on it. The only things I have managed to get done is to put back in the rear seats and parcel shelf trim after they were removed to open the trunk and button up a few other things on the interior that needed doing.

There is not much left to do interior wise on the car, I will have to replace the headliner as the existing one is falling out and I will have to secure the centre console as it is moving around at the moment. The only other thing is to redo the seals on the doors and that would effectively button up the interior for the moment.

In addition to that I attached the front grills to the car, and have found out that the headlights were improperly put in the car so I am going to have to adjust them, but that is nothing major really. I have no "kidney" grill for the car at the moment so the front end looks rather silly anyway but I should have that fixed soon enough.


Next Sunday I am off on a hunt for parts. My friend who I purchased the car from has found about 3 boxes of random parts for the car and has them set aside for me, and we still have another trailer to go through on their property to see if we can find some more. Add that to the new trunk lock I picked up on eBay and the new dog leg shift pattern sticker I grabbed from the same seller and things are looking up for the old BMW.

Only small things, but sometimes it is the small things that matter really.

To tide people over till there are more substantial updates and maybe some pictures of random BMW parts I have obtained I spotted this on the way to work and just had to show it off.

Illustration for article titled No major BMW updates BUT

Half caged and looking pretty nice. It was even sitting on a nice set of MiniLite wheels too. Gave me that itch to bust ass on the BMW to get it on the road again.

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