No major BMW updates BUT

No updates about the car really things at work have bogged me down a bit too much to work on it. The only things I have managed to get done is to put back in the rear seats and parcel shelf trim after they were removed to open the trunk and button up a few other things on the interior that needed doing.

There is not…

Another weekend of work

It doesn't feel like I got a lot done this weekend on the car, but I guess I did get more done then I thought I would.

Because it was pretty decent, I decided to roll the car out of the garage for a bit and see if I can get it running. As I said the car has sat for 4 years or so and that never bodes really well but I…

The Purchase

I have struggled for years with my weight, never seeming to be able to get a handle on it. 3 years ago I started on a path to get myself healthier when I reached a very high peak weight of 535lbs. Now on a 6'4" frame this didn't look too bad but it was terrible.